Economics Olympiad

Economics Olympiad (EO) is a project that improves the level of economic and financial literacy in the country. It was established by the Institute of Economic Education (INEV) in the Czech Republic in 2016, and since 2017 it has become an international project. INEV already conducts Olympiads in around 20 countries (Slovakia, Hungary, Greece, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Poland, China, etc), in which 100,000 students and 3,500 teachers are involved annually, and this data is growing.

The Economics Olympiad in Georgia is held under the INEV model and its mandate, which is carried out by the Georgian Economic Literacy Initiative (GELi) since 2022-2023 school year.

In addition to students, school teachers/school representatives play an important role in the Economics Olympiad, who register the school as a participant in the Olympiad and play the role of school coordinator of the International Economics Olympiad.

All 10th, 11th and 12th grade students can participate in the Economics Olympiad and gain financial and economic knowledge, regardless of their future professional interest.

The Economics Olympiad consists of rounds that vary in difficulty and format.

Structure of the Olympiad

School Round

The school round is conducted through an online testing system. Before the test, there is a school registration process and teachers are registered as the coordinator of their school. After the registration of the schools, during the testing week, students write a test that includes 25 questions and lasts 40 minutes. Successful students will participate in the national round.


National Round

The national round is an all-day event. Guests will be invited for a panel discussion. It is a great opportunity for contestants and teachers to meet with economic experts, special guests, etc. In the testing process, students will answer closed and open questions on economic issues, and 10 students will have an interview with the jury. Five students with the best results will participate in the Economics Summer Camp and go to the international round of the Economics Olympiad.


Economics Summer Camp

Economics trainings at the camp are led by economists selected based on their teaching experience. Discussions, activities, and interactive sessions will allow participants to prepare for the international round.


International Round

The international final round is an official event for the top 5 contestants from each country, which usually takes 2-4 days in September or October and is organized by one of our partners’ countries. 

The competition has two parts, written and oral. First there will be a written exam and then the top 10 students will participate in an oral exam. In addition to the testing itself, there are other activities prepared for participants such as workshops, team activities, tours around the city, etc. Prestigious guests are invited to participate in panel discussion, as a committee or to run a workshop for students. It is a special event that gives an opportunity to build new international connections and to bring the top students together.

Olympiad partners

General Sponsor

Bank of Georgia


Economic Fundamental Initiative

Tbilisi Free University


Institute of Economic Education



Sulakauri Publishing

Media Partner

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